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Mud Wrestling

Mud wrestling, what comes to mind right away is some form of wrestling that takes place on mud. That's right, but the main fact is, it is yet another sport that is catered to satisfy the sensual pleasures of men, because, it's a women only sport, in which the fighters wear only bikinis during fights.

The fighting pit is a small square with about 20ft sides, filled with slushy mud. The objective is similar to that of other forms of wrestling, which is to take down the opponent. But, since mud wrestling is considered more of an entertainment rather than a competitive sport, most matches are just friendly contests.

There are no organized competitions conducted for mud fighting. Rather, mud wrestling fights are usually conducted as a part of celebrations for regional festivals. Several women take part in the event, usually more than 30, where each contestant will fight only once. Each fight does not last more than a few seconds before which a takedown usually happens. Most fighters are not very physical and are more than willing to concede.

Mud wrestling has had its fair share of exposure in popular culture, where it has been featured in several movies and TV shows.

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