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Ring Rong

Here is another sport invented by Doug Yurchey (aka Tray Caladan). It is not a sport currently played, but if Doug has anything to do with it, it will become a popular sport of the future. Doug asks, "Why not change the shape of Ping-Pong or Table Tennis?  Why not be different with a warped playing field in the shape of a RING? Players’ WHEELHOUSE is an arc; the ball travels in an arc … why not curve the target area to conform to the swing-motion?"  See also the outdoor version, like tennis, called Roval. See more of his R-World Sports.

About Ring Rong

Ring Rong is table tennis in the shape of Roval. Why be square or box when we could curve or warp?  Two clear Plexiglas boards form legs on each side of the center Hole. Ring-Rong has a target area that conform to the stroke. ring rong


doug yurcheyThere are other invented sports by Tray Caladan. All information about these sports, including the ideas and images, are subject to copyright. If you want more information or are ready to help make these sports a reality, Tray would love to hear from you: [email protected].

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