Roval is another sport invented by Doug Yurchey (aka Tray Caladan). It is a new version of tennis using a radical court design.  The sport is not currently played, but if Doug has anything to do with it, it will become a popular sport of the future. See more of his R-World Sports including the indoor version called Ring Rong.

About Roval

In Roval, no lines are necessary. Roval is played by serving at the very ends of an oval, which are two feet farther away. Lets are played and there are no foot-faults. As long as the server begins at the extreme ends, beyond the dark area, they are allowed to step into the court during forward motion.  Players MUST HIT THE INNER ‘SOVAL’ (service-oval) TO BEGIN THE POINT.  You get two serves to strike the Soval or you double-fault.  As soon as the service-oval/Soval is hit by the serve, the point begins and the center Soval becomes an OUT-area (painted the same light color as the outer area beyond the dark court). 




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