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Wall Pong

The new sport of Wall Pong was created by Jake Whetstone of Illinois, USA in July 2015. Wall Pong is a combination of racquetball and table tennis. It requires quick reactions and some athletic ability. It can be enjoyed by players of all ages and can be played at home.


Both players stand along the edge of a Ping pong table (with their body perpindicular to the net.) The Ping ping pong table must be 14 inches from a wall (measured from the long side of the table. A player must now be designated as the server by a coin flip.

Once a server has been designated, the serving player must stand along the right edge of the Ping pong table and with an open hand show the opponent the ball. While the ball is still visible, the player must toss the ball at least 6 inches from his hand and strike the ball with his paddle.  The ball must 1. Strike the servers side of the table once, 2. Strike the wall opposite the players, and 3. Strike the opponents side of the table. If any of those requirements are not met by the serve, the receiver is awarded a point.

If the ball 1. Bounces on the opponents side of the table consecutively, 2. Strikes the opponent, 3. Strikes the opponents paddle and fails to touch your side of the table or your paddle, 4. Strikes the opponents paddle and does not hit the wall, a point will be awarded to you.

The servers body or paddle shall not cross over the net or the indefinite extension of the net line during a play, a point will be awarded to the other player. A servers feet must be behind the edge of table when he serves. No opponent may step over the indefinite extension of the middle line (the line that would divide the ping pong table in half in a game of table tennis) or they lose the point.

When a player when's a point he becomes the server until the opponent scores a point.

Games are played to 21 points (must win by at least two points). Matches may be one game, 2 of 3, 3 of 5, etc...

equipment-required: 2 ping pong paddles, a Ping pong table, a Ping pong ball, a wall.

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