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Ionball - a new sport

Ionball is a new sport created by Lorenz Fuentes from the Philippines on May 30, 2021. Ionball is a team sport of 5 players each played against another team. The objective is to shoot the ball to the hoop and a teammate must catch the ball to score.  The team with the highest score at the end of the game, wins.


IONBALL is played between two teams with 5 members each at the court/field. A team can comprise from 10-15 members. Substitutions are unlimited and only held during when game time is paused. 


To score, a player must shoot the ball to the hoop and a teammate must catch the ball at the score area.

3 points -whole court throw
2 points - half court throw
1 point - free throw

The team with the most number of score at the end of the game, wins.


No advance pass allowed. The only advance passes allowed are:

a. GOAL PASS (#1)

advance pass is called after a teammate receives the ball.


The game starts with a coin toss. Whoever wins the coin toss will first perform the first inside pass of the game.


A member of team A, is at the team B's score area, will perform an inside pass: Passing the ball towards teammates.

Note: team B must not interrupt the inside pass. team A cannot perform a goal pass via inside pass. After a score/free throw, the other team will perform the inside pass. It is advised to pass the ball to whoever is nearest to the goal during an inside pass.


The ball must not touch the ground. If the ball touched the ground, it is called a lost ball. A lost ball will result to the ball awarded to the other team.

A player from the other team will perform a pass from outside the court near where the ball is lost.

Note: advance pass is considered a lost ball. Passive play where a team spent 30 seconds of no score attempt also results to a lost ball. 

Whoever last touch the ball before the ball is lost, the ball will be awarded to the other team.


Turnover is when a player from the other team successfully steals the ball, leading to the possession of the ball to their team.

If when the other team tries to steal the ball but fails, in a way that the ball is free, the ball can be contested as long as it is not a lost ball.

In contesting the ball, the ball can be kicked to save it from touching the ground. 

The ball contest ends when a player holds the ball.

Receiving an advance pass via a kick before catching it is legal.

(Using the lower part of the body then catching it). Using upper part of the body is allowed only if then using the lower part of the body, and catch the ball.

7. Traveling AND GUARDING

Once the ball is received, a player can travel towards the goal "straight" (perpendicular with respect to the score area) until a player from the other team guards him/her.

Guarding is when a player blocks the path of a traveling player.

The traveling player must stop when a defensive player guards him to avoid making contact which will result to an "offensive" physical foul. 

Once guarded, the traveling player is not allowed to move further through changing directions or etc. This will result to the ball awarded to the player who guards the violator.


How many fouls that could result to a player out of the game? 

Physical Foul = 5 times
Technical Foul = 1 time
Penalty = 7 times


Each score area, only one player of each team can roam there at a time. a player can roam at the area through going in then out of the area. A penalty will be given to the player if he/she overstayed.

If at least two players of the same team are in the score area at the same moment, the latest player will be given penalty or both player(s) if not determined who is the latest player.

At the front area, players who intentionally blocks the path of the hoop/goal will be given a penalty. 


Denying the ball is when a successful goal throw was not catch by the other teammate through denying it inside the score area.

In denying the ball, the player who will attempt to deny it must not catch the ball. Instead, touching it in a way that it will not be catch by the opponent in order to deny their score attempt.

In denying the ball, the ball must touch the ground of the score area or else if it is still catchable by the opponent, the score attempt will still be complete.

Catching the ball instead of denying it will be considered a score. (to them, of course.)

11. TIME

The game is composed of two halves, with 15 minutes each. Overtime (OT) is 5 minutes. Each team have 7 timeouts in where only a maximum of 4 timeouts for the last half. During OT, the number of timeouts for each team will be reset to 1 each.


If after the overtime and still tied, a free throw event will be held. Each team will choose one catcher and one thrower. The thrower's line will be at the score area of the opposing team. Acoin toss will be held to determine which team will perform the event first. Each pair will be given 5 chances to earn a score. 

If the first pair achieves a perfect score but the next pair also achieves a perfect score,  A new OT will be held for 3 minutes. then if it still tied, another free throw event in which a new set of pairs must participate. If still tied, another OT of 3 minutes will be held, then vice versa.

ionball courtionball court


Equipment Required: THE FIRST "GOAL" POSTS

I humbly created the first-ever goal hoops (2) for the sport. it is composed of thick "alambre" wire (Galvanized wire, according to internet translation) that I formed into circle, and attached to a wood as its body and a used motor wheel as its base. In order to be visible, I inserted the wire into a hose.

I decided that the total height of the goal is at the world average human height which is 1.7 meters. and the circumference of the circle is base from the outside circumference of a common motor wheel.

The Goal post is similar to Quidditch, the only difference is that Ionball only use one post per goal.


there is not yet an official size and texture of the ball. But it is sure that the ball is similar to Handball's, smaller than Volleyball's. The texture of the ball is similar to Soccer's. And it will never be a Basketball (due to its rough texture, might cause head injury). 


There is not yet official dimension of the court. But it is sure that it can be played at any kind of field, (grass, sand, basketball court) 


In every official game, every player will attached a cloth of their team color at the arm of their writing hand. Also attached at the respective goals (please note that after every half, the teams switch goal orientations) 


In every visitation game, it is a courtesy that the host team will give a token to the visit team.

link: Ionball official page

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