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BackPass is a new sport created by Khalid Sohor from Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia in 2014. BackPass is a football variation in which you score by passing the ball to your goalkeeper, who replaces the goal at the other end of the field.

Equipment Required: Soccer boots and jersey. Any shoes, shorts, t-shirts will also do.


Played just like soccer on a soccer field. Both teams have eleven player. But in this game there is no goal post. But there is still a goalkeeper, though the goalkeeper of both teams are not on their side of the team or behind their own defender, instead each keeper is on the other side or on the opponents goal line.

The job of both goalkeepers is not to keep the attacker from scoring because there is no goal post to begin with. So the object of the game is the team that has the ball will try to give the ball to their respective keeper. But this is not easy because their goalkeeper is on the other side of the field in the opponents goal line and  the other team or the opposing team is also trying to do the same team if they have the ball.

If a team do succeed in giving the ball to their keeper and the keeper catches it with both hand then it is considered a goal, if he only touches it with either hand or either leg it doesn't count as a goal. So the game is basically two team of 11 players scrambling over a ball and then try to give it to their respective keeper who are on the goal line of the opposing team.

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