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Snowboarding is a winter sport which involves descending on a slope covered in snow using a single board attached to both feet (snowboard). The riders wear special boots that attach to the snowboard. Snowboarding was inspired by skateboarding, sledding, surfing, and skiing - it is like a combination of each of these four sports.

The origins of snowboarding traces back to the 1960’s, it was believed to have been developed in the United States. It now included in the Winter Olympics.

There are different styles of snowboarding. Three common styles of snowboarding are freeride, freecarve, and freestyle, the most common are the freeride and freestyle.

snowboarder actionsnowboarder action

Freeride is done in areas off the main trails. The equipment used for freeride snowboarding includes a stiffer boot and a stiffer directional snowboard. A stiffer setup should be used to maintain stability in the snow, as the snowboarder may face different kinds of snow conditions.

The freestyle style is basically snowboarding which includes performing various tricks. In freestyle snowboarding, the snowboarder uses props like rails, jumps, boxes, logs, and rocks to perform tricks.


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