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Skiboarding is sport performed during the winter and has elements of snowboarding, ice-skating, and snow skiing. It is sometimes referred to as skiblading. It was noted that the development of skiboarding started as early as 1940s when Alpine mountaineers used Firn Gliders, which is said to be a 50-65cm earlier version of skis to carry on summer glaciers more conveniently.

In skiboarding, the participant uses either a regular or modern skiboard which is basically connected and securely binded to a standard ski boots. Commonly, a modern skiboard nowadays is no more than 100cm, has a twin tip, wider than the regular skiboard, and symmetrical. Unlike snowboarding that uses a single board for both feet, skiboarding uses a board on each left and right foot which makes it even easier to maneuver. It was also said to give more adrenaline compared to other winter sports.

Though at first glance, snowboarding, skating and skiing seem to appear all the same as skiboarding, especially in terms of tricks, but the equipment used for each sport would tell the major difference they have. Skiboards tend to be faster compared to skis since it’s broader which makes it easier on than conventional skis. Indeed, this is one of the main attractions of skiboarding. Furthermore, players often claim that it is much easier to learn skiboarding than the other mentioned comparisons for beginners.

Knowledge about skiboarding is spreading fast despite the fact that there is only a few number of sports company who are developing this sport’s equipment.

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