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Scootering is an exciting urban sports. More often dubbed as ‘freestyle scootering’, it highly comparable to BMXing and skateboarding, in which there are tricks, obstacles, and terrains involved to display the awesome talent and skills involved in this sport.

This sport became widespread in the US, United Kingdom and Australia, especially after 2002 when it was recognized as the top ride-on toy for children in the three big parts of the world. With its popularity, scooter products evolved into a better and more enhanced machine in which its riders could perform different tricks and styles in different terrains.

Terrains may include parks (ramps, boxes, and rails), streets (handrails, gaps, stairs, ledges, and speed bumps), and flatlands (parking lots, streets, driveways, or tennis courts).

With these improvements, competitions and events have been regularly made for the celebration of this sport.
Scooter riding may have received quite amount of dislike from BMX riders and skaters, but this particular sport is still able to interest a growing number of enthusiasts which only means that this sport is looking to a brighter future.


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