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Skateboarding is a popular action sport in which a rider balances and performs tricks using a skateboard. A skateboard is a flat board with rollers attached at the bottom.

Skateboarding started in the 1940s when wooden boxes or boards were attached to roller skate wheels. Nobody really knows who started the sport, but with time, it became prevalent and there began developments in skateboard design. The materials are now better: boards can withstand stronger shocks, wheels are tougher, and designs are cooler.

In the early times, most skateboarders skated on streets. As time went by, cities started to create skate parks, competitions were held, and the most talented skateboarders became well known. There are official associations that keep the sport and community active and growing.

skateboarding tricks skateboarding tricks

There are different tricks involved in skateboarding. The basic ones involve the following:


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