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Kite Foil Racing

Kite Foil Racing, also known as foilboarding, hydrofoil kiteboarding, or foil kitesurfing, is a form of kiteboarding. A kite is used to propel a rider standing on a board in the water. Unlike in kitesurfing, the board has a hydrofoil under the board which allows to board to rise above the surface of the water.

The benefit of the hydrofoil is that it minimizes the effects of choppy or rough conditions. Also the rider can angle higher into the wind than on traditional kiteboards and are able to race in light wiinds.

Kite Foil RacingKite Foil Racing

Kiteboarding is set to make its Summer Olympic Games debut in Marseille at Paris 2024, as part of the Sailing at the Olympic Games. It is expected that the format will be Kite-foil races.


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