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Kayak Football

Kayak Football is a sport that combines elements of kayaking, American Football and ultimate frisbee. This sport can be played in swimming pools or any stretch of flat water. Participants attempt to get a small soft football into the end zone to score a point.

The sport is played in a kayak with a standard double-bladed kayak paddle. A small soft and buoyant football is used. Helmets and flotation vests are required for all players.

There are two teams of up to 10 players, depending on the size of the playing area. Teams line-up against each other like in American football and try to get the ball to their own end-zone to score.

Kayak Football Kayak Football Game

The ball can be thrown to a teammate, or thrown into the water and they paddle up to it. You cannot hold the ball and paddle with it. The paddle may be used to block a pass in the air

To score, a player needs to catch the ball while in the end-zone. A dropped catch does not count. One point is awarded for each score.

No ramming of boats is allowed, or hitting another player with the paddle.

The sport of kayak football is mostly played at a recreational level, and is particularly popular with US defense force veterans.

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