Football Plays

Football is a thinking man's game. Players may have to memorize hundreds of different play variations. For the fans, some of these have become very memorable. Here are some famous plays.

The Play

One of the most famous last minute plays in the history of College Football is the dramatic finish to the 1982 California vs Stanford football game. It is commonly known as 'The Play', as there has never been anything like it and may never will. The game finishes with an amazing touchdown after five lateral passes.

California's Kevin Moen not only had to negotiate his way past the remnants of Stanford's defense to get into the end zone, but also crashed through members of Stanford's marching band who had entered the field believing the Cardinals had already won the match. The final score was California 25 Stanford 20. (watch 'The Play' video)

Goal PostsWrong Ball Trick Play

Watch this trick play where which leaves the defense standing watching the guy run away with the ball. (watch the trick play video)

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