Fitness Components for Ultimate Frisbee

In addition to the skills required, to be a successful Ultimate player you need good speed, acceleration, power, agility, strength and endurance. However, which of these are more important?

You Need to be Quick and Agile

We have a poll about the component of fitness most important for success in Ultimate Frisbee. Out of the options of Body Size and Composition, Muscle Strength, Muscular Endurance, Power, Speed / Quickness, Agility, Flexibility, Balance and Coordination, and Cardiovascular Endurance, the factors which are considered most important by the readers of this site are Agility and Speed / Quickness, followed by Cardiovascular Endurance. You can add your vote too.

Agile but not Quick?

In a similar poll, we have asked people to rate the 12 factors of success for sports. Visitors to this site have rated each of these factors for the sport of Ultimate, and the most important according to them are: Agility, Balance & Coordination and Reaction Time. Surprisingly, the related fitness component of Speed / Quickness was ranked lowest! I would have thought that skill should probably be more highly ranked. I have found that asking all site visitors for their opinion, while it is interesting, does not always lead to accurate results. You can also add your ratings of Which Factors Make Successful Ultimate Players.

Most Important Factors for Success in Order

  1. Agility
  2. Balance & Coordination
  3. Reaction Time
  4. Motivation & Self Confidence
  5. Strength & Power
  6. Flexibility
  7. Coping with Pressure Situations
  8. Body Size and Composition
  9. Skill and Technique
  10. Analytic & Tactical Ability
  11. Aerobic Endurance
  12. Speed / Quickness

Expert Advice

Coaches, players and scientists who work with the sport will have a greater understanding of the physical and other demands of playing Ultimate. We are fortunate to have some feedback from Melissa Witmer, an Ultimate competitor who has competed in the USA Ultimate Nationals Championships, as well as having a Masters Degree in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois and NSCA Certification as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist. She travels around the world giving clinics about training for the sport of ultimate and runs a website that provides training programs for ultimate players at The Ultimate Athlete Project.

Melissa has given her ratings of importance for a range of fitness components for Ultimate. As we found in the polls above, agility is seen as one of the most important factors for success in Ultimate.

She also asks about anaerobic endurance? 'The ability to sprint repeatedly throughout the course of a long point and a game is extremely important for ultimate and I think is a different quality than aerobic endurance."

If you consider yourself an expert in Ultimate, you can add your opinion too.

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