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Boxing Fitness

Fitness is a very important in the success of a boxer. In a survey on ESPN, boxing was rated the most demanding sport of all. Not only do you need great stamina, speed and power, you need to be very durable and have great mental toughness. In an analysis of all factors of success in boxing, the components that are most highly rated are analytic ability and motivation, and the physical attributes of speed and agility. In another poll on just the physical attributes of a boxing, cardiovascular endurance came out on top. See more discussion on the fitness components of boxing.

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Training Fitness

Any boxer will now it is not enough just to do boxing skill training. You need to supplement your training with other fitness exercises, such as weights, running and other cross training. By using cross training and by incorporating fitness into the training drills it will keep training interesting and maintain the motivation. Regular training is needed for all areas of fitness to at least maintain current fitness levels. In order to improve, the physical load needs to be increased over time as you get fitter. For an effective training program you need a good plan. The training should be aimed at achieving specific goals and be individualized (use fitness testing to identify weaknesses). See more information about training for sports.

Assessing Fitness

Regular fitness assessments are required identify areas of weakness and to monitor training improvements. We have a discussion of the fitness components of boxing. There are also some boxing specific fitness tests and others that can be used to test the overall fitness of AFL players. We have some example fitness tests that can be completed to measure the important fitness components for boxing. Some of these tests are already components of the SPARQ boxing testing.

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