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AFL Football Kicking Competitions

Long kicking is a feature of Australian Rules Football, and over the years there have been several competitions to see which player has the longest kick, and sometimes the competitions also involved kicking for accuracy.

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History of Long Kicking Competitions

Early last century there were organized competitions for kicking distance. For example, in 1928, Melbourne's Sporting Globe newspaper held a national distance kicking competition, with a prize of 25 pounds to anyone who could kick the furthest place, drop and punt kick.

On the World of Sport TV show on channel 7 a kicking competition ran for 10 years from 1964. A kicking competition returned in 2002, with players competing in an accuracy competition on Grand Final day, and returning in 2015. A goal kicking and kicking efficiency assessment has also been added to the AFL Combine.

On grand final day in recent years, there has been a longest kick competition hosted by Fox Footy, where player attempt to kick a ball across the Yarra River, and another competition on the field at half time, the Carlton Draught Barrel Time.

Sporting Globe Competitions

1928, Melbourne's Sporting Globe newspaper held a national distance kicking competition, The "Sporting Globe's Kicking Championship" with a prize of 25 pounds to anyone who could kick the furthest place, drop and punt kick. The place kick prize was won by C. Nolan of North Melbourne, with a kick of 71 yards, 2 feet and 4 inches. The honours in the drop kick (73 yards) and punt kick (74 yards) sections went to Les Kew Ming.

World of Sport's Champion Kick Competitions

A kicking competition was regularly held as part of the Channel 7's World of Sport program in Victoria in the 1960s and 1970s. One such competition was the Craven Filter champion kick of Australia conducted from 1967 - 1971, though based on details found online there must have been competitions held in other years.

The Craven Filter champion kick of Australia was a kicking competition conducted on the World of Sport program from 1967 - 1971, designed to find the 'champion kick in Australian football'. The competition began with a series of qualifying heats in each of the four major football states (Vic, SA, WA, Tas), with a finals series in Melbourne featuring the four state champions.

In the Champion Kick Competition, players were required to execute a range of kicks, and were assessed in terms of their accuracy, style and (with the exception of the stab pass) distance. Each competition consisted of stab passing about 25 meters at a roughly 6 foot round target similar to an Archery target; complete with bulls eye. Then there was goal kicking and distance kicks; using both drop kicks and punt kicks.


The South Australian and Victorian representatives occupied the first two places in the Craven Filter champion kick of Australia competition every year. The winner received a $1,000 prize.

More Random Notes

Longest Kick, 1993

Essendon's Dustin Fletcher won the competition as an 18-year-old.

2002 Grand Final Kicking Competition

The 2002 TXU AFL Grand Final Sharpshooter kicking Competition was conducted at 12.25pm prior to the Grand Final match, after the Grand Final sprint heats. The event was designed to determine who was the AFL's most accurate kick for goal under pressure and with time constraints. The event was conducted over two heats and a final. Four current AFL players were invited by the AFL to compete on behalf of themselves and their club.

Event Description


The competitors were: heat 1 - Fremantle's Trent Croad and Melbourne's David Neitz, Heat 2 - Carlton's Corey McKernan and Port Adelaide's Stuart Dew. Trent Croad was the winner, beating Neitz in the first round then Dew in the final. Croad knocked out Neitz in the first heat, scoring 105 points to the Melbourne skipper's 80, and followed up in the final with an even better 120 points against Dew, who could manage only 85 points. The winner collected three $5000 cheques - one for themselves, one for their club and one to be given to charity.

Carlton Draught Barrel Time

There has been a long-distance kicking competition held recently, the Carlton Draught Barrel Time competition. There were heats and semi finals held leading up to the Grand Final, the final held on the MCG during the break of the main game. The winners won prizes including a punting experience in the USA. Only a few results of past competitions have been found.

Fox Footy's Longest Kick Competition

Participants have several attempts to kick a ball across Melbourne's Yarra River, a distance of about 75m. The event has been held since 2015. See the list of winners below, and more detailed information about the competition.


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