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AFL Combine Goalkicking Test

This is a test of Australian Rules Football goal kicking skill, and was added in 2012 to the Australian Rules Football (AFL) draft combine. This goal kicking test was developed by retired Bulldog Brad Johnson, and assesses a player's ability to kick accurately from set shots, tight angles and on the run.

purpose: provide analysis of football kicking accuracy under different conditions

equipment required: grass field with goalposts, footballs, measuring tape, marker cones, stopwatch.

procedure: this test assesses a player's ability to kick accurately from set shots, tight angles and on the run. Players have five shots at goals - two set shots from 35m out in either pocket, two snaps from 20m in front off each foot and a running shot from 40m out directly in front.  Players will have to kick with left and right feet, and need to complete the test in 70 seconds.

high kick long kick in action

scoring: In the first year this test was held at the AFL combine, three players achieved a perfect score of 30 out of 30. The score is not the only result - comprehensive feedback from the tests, including data and vision is provided to the clubs. There are full results on the AFL draft camp results page.

target population: This test was designed specifically for AFL players, though it could be adapted for other sports in which kicking or shooting at a target is important.

comments: wind conditions and stability of the ground surface are important factors in kicking for goal, so these need to be controlled. For testing performed at the AFL combine, hopefully the roof of Etihad stadium is closed to reduce the wind factor and that the ground is dry and firm, and the same for all players.

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