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AFL Kicking Efficiency Test

This is a test of Australian Rules Football kicking skill, and was added in 2009 to the Australian Rules Football (AFL) draft camp. The test was designed by former Collingwood great Nathan Buckley.

purpose: provide analysis of football kicking technique, speed of delivery, trajectory and accuracy.

equipment required: AFL footballs, measuring tape, stopwatch, marker cones.

kicking for goalkicking for goal

procedure: In this test the players face away from the targets (two-meter wide circles on the ground), turn to receive a ball, turn and, at a moment's notice, aim for the target called out, hitting their teammate within an allocated time. The targets were short (20m), medium (30m) and long (40m) targets on their left and right sides.

scoring: The players can achieve a score between 1-5 for each of their six kicks, with a possible top score of 30. The score is based on how far their target had to move to mark it. For example, if the receiver did not have to move to receive it, the kick scored five. There are more results on the AFL draft camp results page.

target population: This test was designed specifically for AFL, though it could be adapted for other sports in which kicking skill is important.

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