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AFL WA State Screening Draft Camp Results 2009

Here are the top five performers from the fitness test results at the WA State Screening part of the 2009 AFL draft camp, as leaked online. See also the main 2009 Draft Camp results, and the top draft camp results for a top performers from each year, and results from the most recent years.


  1. Damian Hayward 201.5cm
  2. Joel Houghton 194.3cm
  3. Lance Daly 191.8cm
  4. Chris Luff 190.4cm
  5. Simon White 190.1cm (also had the biggest hands (26cm))


  1. Damien Hayward 97.4Kg
  2. Simon White 87.8kg
  3. Cameron Kickett 87.6kg (height=187.2cm) (highest skinfolds overall!)
  4. Jarrad Kayler-Thompson 87.4kg (height=186.5cm)
  5. Mitch Brown 86.6kg (height=189.5cm)

Agility run

  1. Trent Dennis Lane 8.18 sec
  2. Ben Stratton 8.34 sec
  3. Brett Van Groningen 8.38 sec
  4. Kyle Hardingham 8.39 sec
  5. Joel Houghton 8.53 sec

20m Sprint

  1. Ryan Neates 2.83 sec ( Did 3 sprints all quicker than next best)
  2. Sam Pullman 2.86 sec
  3. Trent Dennis Lane 2.88 sec
  4. Brett Van Groningen 2.89 sec
  5. Joel Coyne 2.91 sec

20m Shuttle Run (Beep Test)

  1. Joel Houghton 15.1
  2. Joel Leeson 14.11
  3. Ben Stratton 14.10
  4. Michael Florio 14.7
  5. Trent Dennis Lane 14.6

Standing Vertical Jump

1. Kyle Hardingham 77cm
2. Ryan Neates 72cm
3. Simon White 71cm
4. Jarrad Kayler-Thompson 69cm
=5. Ben Stratton 68cm
=5. Tendai Mzungu 68cm

Running Vertical Jump highest off either foot

=1.Cameron Kickett 94cm
=1. Kyle Hardingham 94cm
3.Trent Dennis-Lane 93cm
4.Tendai Mzungu 91cm
5. Ben Stratton 86cm
=6. Simon White 85cm
=6. Mitch Carter 85cm

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