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AFL Draft Camp Results 2010 State Screening

Here are some fitness test results from the State Screening part of the 2010 AFL draft camp. In addition to the 100 players that are tested at the AIS, the next level of players are invited to attend a state combine event, the details were as follows.

See also top national draft camp results for 2010 and the 2009 WA state screening results.

Selected Results - WA

Selected Results - SA

Selected results - VIC

Here are the results of the 7 Queenslanders who attended the Victorian screening camp

Vertical Jump (standing):

Ryley Buntain – 79cm
Isaac Conway – 61cm
Nick Jackson – 62cm
Ben McNiece – 69cm
Luke Rogerson – 77cm
Aden Rutledge – 56cm
Cain Tickner – 69cm

Vertical Jump (running) – Right

Ryley Buntain – 80cm
Isaac Conway – 68cm
Nick Jackson – 62cm
Ben McNiece – 82cm
Luke Rogerson – 77cm
Aden Rutledge – 70cm
Cain Tickner – 75cm

Vertical Jump (running) – Left

Ryley Buntain – 94cm
Isaac Conway – 74cm
Nick Jackson – 74cm
Ben McNiece – 83cm
Luke Rogerson – 77cm
Aden Rutledge – 79cm
Cain Tickner – 77cm

20m Sprint

Ryley Buntain – 3.03 sec
Isaac Conway – 3.17 sec
Nick Jackson – 3.01 sec
Ben McNiece – 3.16 sec
Luke Rogerson – 2.90 sec
Aden Rutledge – 3.22 sec
Cain Tickner – 3.07 sec


Ryley Buntain – 8.70 sec
Isaac Conway – 9.00 sec
Nick Jackson – 8.29 sec
Ben McNiece – 9.11 sec
Luke Rogerson – 8.48 sec
Aden Rutledge –  8.84 sec
Cain Tickner – 8.80 sec

Repeat Sprints

Ryley Buntain – 25.36 sec
Isaac Conway – 26.98 sec
Nick Jackson – 26.64 sec
Ben McNiece – 26.27 sec
Luke Rogerson – 26.54 sec
Aden Rutledge – 27.99 sec
Cain Tickner – 26.37 sec

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