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Tiger Woods Car Accident

November 27th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Golf

The news is only just coming through about Tiger Woods‘ car accident, where he backed into a fire hydrant and then ran into a neighbor’s tree. Of course, these things happen every day, but not usually to the world’s best sportsperson. Maybe he should have used a driver (golf drive, get it?). The police were quick to say that alcohol was not involved. So what was it? The initial reports had him in a serious condition, but later being released from hospital being ‘fine’ with minor face lacerations.

Tiger Woods Golfer

As the media do not seem to really know, I am going to say what I think happened. His wife who recently had a baby was awake with a crying baby in the middle of the night, woke Tiger asking him to rush down the street for some more milk. In his half-awake confused condition, he thought he was still in Australia and started driving down the wrong side of the road. He was so focused on his goal, that he failed to notice a fire hydrant and tree in his way. Of course, a more correct version of events will come out in due course.

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Federer versus Woods

July 28th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Golf, Golf Majors, Grand Slam Tennis, Tennis

Roger Federer is the current undisputed champion of tennis, and Tiger Woods is the undisputed champion of golf. Although they could never go head to head, comparing their stats and their impact on their respective sports and the world of sport, who do you think is the greatest? It is a debate that is difficult to win, but interesting to have nonetheless. Roger Federer has just won another grand slam title, making it 11 grand slam singles titles. Tiger Woods has equally dominated his sport, winning 13 Majors. Both have been labeled the greatest ever, but there can only be one! The greatest of the greatest?

In terms of fitness, Federer would win hands down, but that is not what this is about. They have both dominated their respective sport in recent years. There are good arguments on both sides about who may have the edge. My answer? I would give it to Woods, but only just. In the history of golf, it seems more difficult to win tournament after tournament as he has. They are still very close and I think that we will have to wait until they have each completed their careers before a clear winner may emerge.

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