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Man versus Machine

May 17th, 2006 · No Comments · Boxing

It is hyped as the biggest fight in Australia’s history (Anthony ‘The Man’ Mundine v Danny Green ‘Green Machine’), and for a pacifist and non-boxing fan like myself to be following it, the interest in this fight has crossed to the mainstream sports fan and deserves it’s hype. Everyone has an opinion on who they think will win, and they are either old rugby league fans and fans of Mundine, or those who are against Mundine based on his comments about 9/11 made a couple of years ago. Like myself, many of them don’t know anything about the boxers’ respective abilities and chances of winning. It is all about who they want to win, not who they think can win. I am going for Mundine, as I think he was unnecessarily crucified after his anti-US comments and deserves another go at being our champion boxer. Although I believe that our sportsmen should act as good role models, I think it is unfair that a boxer, who may have damaged a few brain cells along the way, cannot freely voice their opinion on world events, even though the majority of us do not agree with him. As they say in sports, let his actions do the talking – lets enjoy him as a sports person and entertainer, and may the best ‘Man’ win. [postscript: Mundine won]

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