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Federer versus Woods

July 28th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Golf, Golf Majors, Grand Slam Tennis, Tennis

Roger Federer is the current undisputed champion of tennis, and Tiger Woods is the undisputed champion of golf. Although they could never go head to head, comparing their stats and their impact on their respective sports and the world of sport, who do you think is the greatest? It is a debate that is difficult to win, but interesting to have nonetheless. Roger Federer has just won another grand slam title, making it 11 grand slam singles titles. Tiger Woods has equally dominated his sport, winning 13 Majors. Both have been labeled the greatest ever, but there can only be one! The greatest of the greatest?

In terms of fitness, Federer would win hands down, but that is not what this is about. They have both dominated their respective sport in recent years. There are good arguments on both sides about who may have the edge. My answer? I would give it to Woods, but only just. In the history of golf, it seems more difficult to win tournament after tournament as he has. They are still very close and I think that we will have to wait until they have each completed their careers before a clear winner may emerge.

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No Stopping the Tiger

July 24th, 2006 · No Comments · Golf, Golf Majors

It seems like it has been lean times for Tiger Woods recently, though he has now claimed another Major with his win in the British Open this week – making it his 11th Major in his relatively short golfing career. He must have at least ten more years at the top left in him.

At the end of his career, if he keeps his form, he will most certainly be the most successful golfer in history. It was an emotional win, his first big one since his father died. It was also a vintage Tiger win, leading into the final day as he has done many times before, and holding off all comers to finish solidly two strokes clear at 18 under.

Tiger Woods Sports Illustrated

Despite attempts to de-Tiger the PGA tour by changing the length of courses, he continues to win. What it shows is that a true champion will shine through anyway, no matter what you try to counter his dominance. At a time when the real Tigers of India are facing extinction, golfing’s Tiger can still be spotted on any Major golf course leading the pack.

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Major win for Aussie

June 19th, 2006 · No Comments · Golf, Golf Majors

As I have written about recently, the US Open is being played in very tough conditions, testing out the mettle of the world’s top players. It all ended this morning Australia time, and it is not surprising to see a younger player, who may not be burdened with the huge pressures to perform, come out and overcome the difficult conditions and win the green jacket. And to boot, it was an Aussie too, Geoff Ogilvy.

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US Hackers – A Golf Story

June 17th, 2006 · No Comments · Golf, Golf Majors

It is amusing to hear about the difficulty the golfers are having scoring under par at the moment in the 106th US Open being held at Winged Foot, New York. Even the legend Tiger Woods struggled and missed the cut for the first time since he turned professional in 1996.

Should an above par score matter anyway? All the players have to play under the same conditions, and it is still the best player in those conditions that will win. A different and tough course would seem to be a better test of a golfer’s mental and physical ability to adapt to the conditions.

golfball hole

I guess they find it hard seeing their score above par at the end of the round, though I am sure that many of the viewers find it encouraging to see that the golfing millionaires are human too.

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