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RPE is Now Easy

September 12th, 2010 · Comments Off on RPE is Now Easy · Fitness

I’ve just updated my pages on Rating of Perceived Exertion Scales, and I decided to make up my own! Instead of a 1-10 or 6-20 scale, my RPE Scale uses the hand to indicate the 1 to 5 ratings. It utilizes the ‘thumbs up’ sign which is fairly universally used to indicate that you are doing OK, while the five fingers hand out is also a familiar signal for stopping. Compared to the other RPE Scales, this is so simple to use, it does not need any printouts (all you need is a hand), the 5-point Likert scale is familiar to a lot of people, and it is non-verbal so is great for research where the subject is unable to talk. See more about my RPE-5 Hand Scale.

  1. Not all all hard (I’m feeling great and could keep up this pace all day long)
  2. slightly hard (I’m still comfortable, but am breathing a little harder and starting to sweat)
  3. moderately hard (This is a good workout)
  4. very hard (It is getting pretty tough, I could only keep at this pace for a short time)
  5. extremely hard (It’s too hard, I need to STOP!)

To see the original RPE scales, and now download a printable version, see RPE Scale 1-10 and RPE Scale 6-20.


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