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Protein for Runners

by Clare Wood

We know that runners need a good amount of carbohydrate to fuel their exercise, but what about extra protein?

Do Runners Need A Protein Supplement?

Generally no. For a recreational runner, a protein supplement in powder form is not necessary. For endurance training, protein requirements are increased slightly compared to a non-active person, but usually just a shift of the whole diet to a higher energy intake will allow an increase in protein intake automatically.

drinking a protein shakeprotein shake

Protein For Recovery

The most important aspect is the timing, and ensuring that you are consuming a protein/carbohydrate drink or meal as soon as possible after your run to aid recovery. The perfect high protein supplement that satisfies these needs is milk!

Protein While You Run

To drink protein during a run - the jury is still out on that! There is no good proof that it helps your performance, but may help with early recovery IF you have another training session within 8 hrs. There are not many practical options out there for a protein drink that can be consumed during exercise.

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Athlete nutrition isn't just about weight loss. It is important to fuel the body optimally before, during and after exercise, as well as to stay hydrated. Supplements may also be required.

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There are no simple answers. You should keep a healthy weight, consider one of these diets, though exercise is also important.

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