Olympic Games Nutrition in Sydney 2000

Here is some information about the Olympic Village food menu for Sydney in 2000. The food supplied for the athletes at the Olympic Village needs to cater to a diversity of sports, cultures, ages and special dietary needs. See more about Olympic Village nutrition and links to information about the food supplied at other Olympic Games.

There was a specific website created by dietitians with the University of Sydney for the athletes at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, at http://www.nutr.biochem.usyd.edu.au/ (no longer available). Although the website is no longer active, we have created a summary of the information and other services it provided here.

2000 Sydney, Australia

The Olympic Village menu was analyzed by sports dietitians, and a database set up that enabled searching for specific menu items or to view all foods available on a particular day. Searching could also be done for all dishes excluding a certain ingredient (such as meat) or for specific dietary and religious requirements (e.g. halal). The athlete could also search for dishes based on their macronutrient composition (e.g. high carbohydrate, low fat). They also developed a menu labeling system for use in the dining hall, which listed the macronutrient content of each menu item using a series of symbols. If all this was too much, there was a sports dietitian on hand to answer any questions.

(reference: The World of Food Science - Nutrition at the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games)


" British Olympian Dean Macey was feeling out of sorts upon arrival to the Olympic Village and he decided to eat. He was so stunned by the free, 24 hour McDonald’s available to athletes, he called his wife in the middle of the night. " 

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