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Fitness Testing Newsletter: 15 July 2009

Hi and welcome to the July 2009 fitness testing newsletter about an excellent fitness and nutrition utility software which is now free (a product that was previously about $50 is now completely free for personal use).

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About BodyByte


Topend Sports have partnered with BodyByte to provide a computer software program specially developed to comprehensively organize and manage all the information associated with nutrition, training and fitness. BodyByte is an invaluable aid for sports coaches, athletes, injury rehabilitation professionals or anyone interested in their own health and fitness. 


BodyByte is a very comprehensive though easy to use program. It can be used by anybody, you have complete freedom to decide with how much detail you wish to manage you lifestyle plan. There are several main modules that can be utilized. Here are just some of the features of the BodyByte software


Fitness Assessment Monitoring - you can record and track up to 16 fitness parameters along with your other body state indicators, which provides for a truly full body profile analysis.

Body Management - enables you to view and modify your User Profile details, and perform body state history recording (body weight, body measurements, body fat, blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol and fitness levels). 

Exercise Management - for exercise planning and recording. 

Nutrition Management - used to view and print food items in the main country specific food database or Customized Food List, create recipes, compile meals and daily meal plans from food items in the database or food list, and record your intake history.

History Analysis and Reporting - reports can be generated for all recorded intake, exercise and body state history. You can view detailed listings, daily averages or time period-related aggregates, displayed in tabular and graph formats.




BodyByte Pro



If you are a sports coach or nutrition or fitness professional, you will need BodyByte Pro. This version has all the functional and analytical capabilities of the standard version, the difference is that the standard version is licensed for private use, while the Professional version is licensed for commercial and research use. In addition, only the Professional version can convert BodyByte nutrition and fitness plans to an exchange file format for distribution to other BodyByte users. 

Need More Info?

To see more information about the BodyByte software go to this page:
To downlaod the software, go directly to: 

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