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Blood Tests

Analysis of blood samples can provide details about numerous health parameters.

equipment required: Syringes, needles, cuff, ice and container for storage, bandages, alcohol swabs.

procedure: A venous blood sample is usually taken from the front of the arm near the elbow joint. The blood can then be sent to a laboratory for analysis. Small pinprick blood samples can be taken from any place, often it is from the finger tip.

taking a blood sampletaking a blood sample

analysis: A large number of measures can be made from venous blood samples, including glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol, iron. Pinprick blood samples are commonly measured for glucose

comments: Venous blood sampling must be performed by qualified medical personnel. You can get blood testing done by your doctor or pathology service (usually requires a doctor's referral). Self monitoring of blood glucose levels is possible.

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