Staying Healthy Tips

Just a reminder of some of the things you should be doing now to make sure your body stays healthy. It doesn't take much to look after yourself, you will live a longer and happier life - who wouldn't want that?

  1. Stop Smoking—Smoking has no benefits to you at all, so why do it? It makes no sense to work out in the aim to get a healthier body, whilst doing something so unhealthy.
  2. Reduce alcohol consumption—Alcohol contains a huge amount of empty calories, and is a toxin to the body. Excessive alcohol use can also cause unwanted relationship, money and health problems.
  3. Don’t ignore body changes— If your body changes or you start to feel pain don’t ignore it, get it checked out. Picking up problems early can help professionals stop the progression or to cure it completely.
  4. Measure your resting heart rate—by monitoring your heart rate on waking each morning you can get idea of how your body is responding to the training – plot it over time and if it's 10 beats per minute or more above normal it may indicate that you are ill or over training.
  5. Get plenty of sleep—Your body needs quality sleep to regenerate. Rest and quality sleep is so important to allow the body to heal, regenerate and grow. Adequate rest will ensure your body is at full immunity for fighting sickness.
  6. Do regular health checks—Check yourself for breast cancer, testicular cancer and skin cancer regularly and take action if you notice any changes. It is also important to check blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and other blood levels to ensure an optimal health status.

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