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Sports Nutrition Top Tips

Here are some tips to guide you to following good sport nutrition practices.

  1. Keep a food journal—Keep a food journal to record everything you eat and drink; if you are honest you may be surprised at what will be revealed.
  2. Snack before a workout—a pre-exercise snack can help provide fuel and boost your energy levels during the workout.
  3. Stay hydrated during workouts—Most of your body is made up of water, don’t get depleted during your workout otherwise you can’t perform at the top level. Carry a drink bottle with you to top up your body water regularly.
  4. Eat small meals more often—Smaller meals eaten more regularly, rather than the traditional “three square meals,” will keep your metabolism high and will help you to burn more fat. Be careful to reduce the size of your existing meals and not just add extra snacks on top of your meal plan.
  5. Drink plenty of water daily—Aim to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Not only will you stay hydrated, you'll drink less calorie-laden drinks.
  6. Eat for recovery—Eating a recovery snack based on the exercise session will help refuel, rehydrate and repair the body. Protein is important for rebuilding muscle after weights sessions, and carbohydrate is important for a more aerobic style workout. A combination of both are ideal.

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Sports Nutrition Extra

Athlete nutrition isn't just about weight loss. It is important to fuel the body optimally before, during and after exercise, as well as to stay hydrated. Supplements may also be required.

Weight Loss Extra

There are no simple answers. You should keep a healthy weight, consider one of these diets, though exercise is also important.

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