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Modern Pentathlon at the Olympic Games

Modern pentathlon has been on the Olympic program since the 1912 Stockholm Games. The sport was created by French baron Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic movement, and combines five events, originally held over two days though more recently it is held over just one day.

Modern Pentathlon at the 1984 Olympic Gamesthe finish of the Modern Pentathlon at the 1984 Olympic Games

The five events combine all of the aspects of traditional combat: mastery of the sword, precision marksmanship, ability to control cavalry both in the confines of the arena and in the cross-country, and the physical stamina to cross many miles of both land and water.

After a horse abuse controversy at the 2021 Games in Tokyo, the horse riding component of the event has been replaced with an obstacle course challenge.

The current Modern Pentathlon (2028) events are:




Ancient Pentathlon

The name modern pentathlon was used to distinguish it from the Pentathlon, which was an ancient Greek athletics event consisting of five competitions each representing techniques useful in battle. (more about ancient Olympic events)

The five events of the ancient Pentathlon were:

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