Shooting at the Olympics

Shooting has long been a part of the Olympic Games program, though the actual shooting events on the program have changed over the years. Only twice has shooting not been on the Olympic program, in 1904 and 1928. Women's shooting events were first included in the Olympics in 1984.

In the interests of gender equality, three men's Olympic shooting events (rifle prone, free pistol, and double trap) are set to be replaced by mixed team competitions for Tokyo 2020, and for the first time there will be an equal distribution of competitors between men and women.

Current Olympic Shooting Events (for 2020)

Pistol class
10m air pistol (men and women)
25m rapid-fire pistol (men)
25m pistol (women)
air pistol team (mixed)

Rifle class
10m air rifle (men and women)
air rifle team (mixed)
50m rifle three positions (men and women)

Shotgun class
Trap (men and women)
Trap team (mixed)
Skeet (men and women)

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