Lacrosse at the Olympics

Lacrosse has been on the official Olympic program twice, in 1904 and 1908, with a team from Canada winning both times. Lacrosse was also a demonstration sport at the Olympics in 1928, 1932 and 1948.

In 1904, two Canadian teams challenged a local team from St. Louis, with the Shamrock Lacrosse Team of Winnipeg winning the gold medal. Players on the bronze medal-winning Canadian lacrosse team consisted of Mohawk Indians, and included players named Rain In Face, Snake Eater and Man Afraid Soap.

In 1908, only two teams competed, from Canada and Great Britain.

Notable Atletes and Performances



Shamrock Lacrosse (Canada) beat St Louis (USA) 6-1, 8-2 in the final.

  1. Canada (Shamrock Lacrosse team from Winnipeg) (comprised of George Cloutier, George Catanach, Benjamin Jamieson, Jack Flett, George Bratz, Eli Blanchard, Hilliard Laidlaw, H Lyle, W Brennaugh, L H Pentland, Sandy Cowan, William Laurie Burns)
  2. USA (St Louis Amateur Athletic Association)
  3. Canada (Mohawk Indians)


Canada beat Great Britain 14-10.

  1. Canada (Frank Dixon, George Campbell, Amgus Dillon, Richard Duckett, George Rennie, Clarence McKarrow, AlexanderTurnbull, Henry Hoobin, Ernest Hamilton,
    John Broderick, Thomas Gorman, Paddy Brennan)
  2. Great Britain (Charles Scott, G Mason, H W Ramsay, E O Dutton, J Parker-Smith, Wilfrid Johnson, Norman Whitley, George Buckland, S N Hayes, Gustav Alexander, R G W Martin, Edward Jones).


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