Asian Cup Winners

Here are the winners of each year the Asian Cup has been held since the first in 1956. In the first four years that the event was held the winner was decided by a round-robin format.

Japan has been the most successful nation with four wins (1992, 2000, 2004, 2011).

Year Winner Runner Up Score
2015 Australia South Korea 2-1 aet
2011 Japan Australia 1–0 aet
2007 Iraq Saudi Arabia 1–0
2004 Japan China 3–1
2000 Japan Saudi Arabia 1–0
1996 Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates 0–0 aet, (4–2) pen
1992 Japan Saudi Arabia 1–0
1988 Saudi Arabia South Korea 0–0 aet, (4–3) pen
1984 Saudi Arabia China 2–0
1980 Kuwait South Korea 3–0
1976 Iran Kuwait 1–0
1972 Iran South Korea 2–1 aet
1968 Iran Burma
1964 Israel India
1960 South Korea Israel
1956 South Korea Israel  

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