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Copa América Mascots

The Copa América is the main men's football tournament contested among national teams from South America. A sports mascot is a character or symbol that represents a sports team or organization, often used to boost team spirit and entertain fans. For the Copa America, there has been an official tournament mascot for all events since 1987.

Guaso the 1991 mascotGuaso the 1991 mascot
Year Mascot Description
2024 Capitán An eagle: the eagle embodies strength, courage, and excellence, symbolizing various cultural values across the Americas.
2021 Pibe A dog: this cheerful and agile mascot was designed to represent the Copa América, reflecting a unique and fun-loving character.
2019 Zizito  A capybara: a friendly rodent, was named "Zizito" in honor of the legendary Brazilian footballer Zizinho.
2015 Zincha  A culpeo fox: the mascot's name was chosen by public vote, with "Andi" and "Kul" being the other options.
2011 Tangolero An American rhea (ñandú): Named by merging "tango" and "gol," this mascot represents both the traditional Argentine dance and the excitement of scoring goals (gol is Spanish for "goal").
2007 Guaky  A scarlet macaw: Representing Venezuela, this bird sports the national team's burgundy jersey, featuring the colors and stars of the national flag on its wings.
2004 Chasqui Chasquis: Modeled after the athletic messengers of the Inca empire.
2001 Ameriko An alien: Colored to reflect the flag of Colombia.
1999 Tagua A wild boar: Symbolizing Paraguay's Gran Chaco region, known for its harsh, arid climate.
1997 Tatu A nine-banded armadillo.
1995 Torito A bull: Wearing the Uruguay national team kit.
1993 Choclito A corn cob: Sporting the colors of Ecuador's flag.
1991 Guaso A huaso: Dressed in the colors of Chile's flag.
1989 Tico A rufous-bellied thrush: Donning Brazil's blue reserve kit.
1987 Gardelito A handsome, manly doll: Representing the iconic Argentine tango singer, Carlos Gardel.

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