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Rugby World Cup Tickets

This information relates to ticketing for the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France. Information for other world cup events will be posted when available.

This information is about the official ticketing. You will also have ample opportunity to purchase tickets though unofficial means, through resellers and through other methods such as online auctions. Please take caution if you follow one of these paths, as the tickets may not be valid, or may not be as described. The 2007 World Cup tickets are personalized with the buyers information, see below for more information. All rugby supporters should be aware that only tickets purchased from official Rugby World Cup ticket sources will enable entry to matches. Supporters obtaining tickets from unofficial sources run the risk of having those tickets canceled, being refused entry or being expelled from the stadium.

Individual and Packs

All tickets are for individual seats - tickets are available in the form of “Packs” or individually. Packs allow entry to a given number of matches selected for a Team (“Team packs”) or a city (“City packs”), while individual tickets allow entry to a single specific match in a specific city.

The ticketing prices for packs and individual tickets are available in four or five price categories. During the two first phases of ticket sales, only packs were available. The sales phase of individual tickets began on November 9 2006. Packs are no longer on sale. An individual ticket will give you entry to a single match of your choice. Individual tickets will be available in all price categories (four or five, depending on the stadium). Orders for individual tickets will be limited in terms of numbers to ensure maximum access to the event for everyone.

Personalized Tickets

For security reasons, the name of the person who ordered the ticket is printed on the ticket. This ensures that the basic principles of honest and open sale are respected and to avoid unauthorized ‘black market’ ticket sales.

Ticket Purchases at the Venue

Individual tickets will be available in match venues, subject to availability.

Finals Tickets

Individual tickets for the semi-finals and the Final of Rugby World Cup 2007 will go on sale to the general public during the second quarter of 2007. Prior to the event, the Organizing Committee will hold a random draw to give away purchasing offers for tickets to the semi-finals and the Final of the Rugby World Cup 2007, for those who meet certain criteria. Participation in this free random draw is open to all legally competent individuals aged 18 (eighteen) or over, with internet or telephone access, who have ordered Packs or single tickets for the pool matches, the quarter-finals or the Bronze Final via the sales network on or before 15 February 2007, via general public or workers’ council ticketing, and who agreed to participate in the draw at the time of placing their order. Participation in the random draw is limited to one entry per person (same first name, surname and address).

Children / Concessions

Reduced prices are not available for children. Children must have their own ticket. There is no minimum age for children. However, it is not advisable to take children under 5 years old to the stadium. Parents will be totally responsible for children attending matches.

How to Buy Tickets

Tickets for Rugby World Cup 2007 can be bought in the following ways:

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