Running Power Calculation

Running and sprinting ability is usually recorded as a speed or time over a set distance. In some situations, you may wish to convert running speed into a power score.

In many sports, a 100 kg person running 40 meters in 6 seconds is very different to a 70 kg running the same distance in the same time. Momentum is greater for the heavier person, and in contact sports this would be advantageous, however in other sports this would mean that stopping and changing direction would be more difficult.

With some simple calculations it is easy to convert speed scores to a power score. This formula is obtained from that used to calculate running power for the the RAST Test. One document listed the source as Harman (1995) but a reference has not been found.


By rearranging basic physics formula, you can get a calculation for power (Watts) from running tests. The Body weight (in Kg) of the athlete needs to be known. Distance is in meters and time in seconds.sprint power calculations

Velocity = Distance ÷ Time
Acceleration = Velocity ÷ Time
Force = Mass x Acceleration


Power = Body Weight x Distance^2 ÷ Time^3.

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