President's Challenge

The President's Challenge is a fitness award program for school age children in the United States. The original Presidential Physical Fitness Award began in 1966. Over the years the program has recognized the fitness activities of millions of youth. Now called the President's Challenge, it includes four separate programs, which are detailed below.

New Fitness Test

From 2013, the Presidential Physical Fitness Test is to be gradually phased out and replaced by the Presidential Youth Fitness Program (PYFP). The PYFP makes use of the FITNESSGRAMĀ® assessment program, which focuses on health and lifelong physical activity. This new test still includes sprints, push-ups and pull-ups, but now also includes body fat and body mass measurements. There is also a change in the focus of results - certificates and other awards recognize personal gains, instead of focusing on competition. For details of the new test, see the FitnessGram program.

The Old Program

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