Sporting Highlights for 1939

Here are some of the sporting highlights in the world of sport for 1939.

Belgian Sylvère Maes won the Tour de France for the second time. He also finished first in the king of mountains classification and finished first in two race stages.

In men's tennis, the year belonged to first timers. John Bromwich won the Australian Open, Don McNeill won the French Open and Bobby Riggs won the Wimbledon, each for their first career grand slam title. Bobby Riggs doubled up his success by also winning the US Open title that same year. All three players won one more title each in the following years to finish their careers as multiple slam title winners. Bobby Riggs, gained far more fame in 1973 at the age of 55 by challenge matches against two of the top female players in the world - known as "The Battle of the Sexes".

Alice Marble, already a two-time slam winner coming into the year, added two more titles to her name by winning back-to-back tournaments, Wimbledon and US Open.

Ralph Guldahl, Byron Nelson, Dick Burton, Henry Picard won the Masters Tournament, U.S. Open, The Open Championship and PGA Championship respectively. It was the final major win for Guldahl and Picard. Nelson though, went on to win three more majors in the future.

Patty Berg, the women golfer with the most number of major wins, won the Titleholders Championship third year in a row, the first three year after the inception of the event.

A record crowd attendance of 76,962 was set old Old Trafford, in an FA Cup Semi Final between Wolves & Grimsby. The record still stands today.

Below is a timeline of some significant results in the world of sport for the year 1939.

Date Results
Jan Tennis Australia Open won by Jack Bromwich and Emily Westacott
April Golf Masters won by Ralph Guldahl
May Tennis French Open won by Don McNeill and Simone Mathieu
June Golf US Open won by Byron Nelson
July the Cycling Tour de France won by Sylvère Maes
July Tennis Wimbledon won by Bobby Riggs and Alice Marble
July Golf British Open won by Richard Burton
Aug Golf US PGA won by Henry Picard
Sep Tennis US National Championship won by Bobby Riggs and Alice Marble
Oct The Baseball World Series won by New York Yankees

Please note that the dates for past events are not always known, and are sometimes just placed in the month that the current event is held. If no exact date is listed, then it is just an estimated month that it was held.

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