Sporting Highlights for 1912

Here are some of the sporting highlights in the world of sport for 1912. The major event in sport this year was the 5th Olympic Games, held in Stockholm, Sweden from May to July.

In cricket, English players Hobbs and Rhodes made an opening stand of 323 during the test match series against Australia. England retained the Ashes.

In baseball, legendary pitcher Cy Young retired with 511 wins. Boxer Johnny Kilbane won the World Featherweight Championship, which he continued to hold until 1923.

This is the year when a restriction to handle the ball in the penalty area were implemented for goalkeepers in soccer games. The decision was made since the goalkeepers of both teams (Third Lanak and Motherwell) in a Scotland game in 1910, both scored.

Jim ThorpeJim Thorpe

This year the reporter Roy Johnson divulged information about the famous Olympian Jim Thorpe, winner of gold medals in the pentathlon and decathlon. Johnson said that Thorpe received payment to play a minor league baseball in 1909. For that reason, the amateur status and Olympic medals were taken away by the Amateur Athletic Association.

Below is a timeline of some significant results in the world of sport for the year 1912.

Date Results
Jan Tennis Australia Open won by J. Cecil Parke
May 5 - July 22 Olympic Games were held in Stockholm, Sweden.
June Golf US Open won by John McDermott
July the Cycling Tour de France won by Odile Defraye
July Tennis Wimbledon won by Tony Wilding and Ethel Larcombe
July Golf The Open Championship won by Ted Ray
Sep Tennis US National Championship won by Maurice McLoughlin and Mary Browne
Oct The Baseball World Series won by Boston Red Sox

Please note that the dates for past events are not always known, and are sometimes just placed in the month that the current event is held. If no exact date is listed, then it is just an estimated month that it was held.

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