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In the quest to determine the most popular sports in the world I have analyzed the internet traffic to the Wikipedia sport pages and the IOC website. To complement and differ from these lists, I also provide here an analysis of the most popular sports specific pages on Topend Sports, data from Google Analytics unique pageviews.

I do not suggest that this in any way reflects the popularity of sports around the world, as it represents only a sample of internet users from only parts of the world, and is heavily affected by the quality and number of pages provided on this site for each sport, and how they are ranked on Google.

The analysis was originally done in 2010 when most of the world's top sports were listed on the site, but not all sports. Since that time, a large list attempting to list all sports of the world has been added to the site, and visitors to these pages have been analysed in 2018.

Most Popular 'Topend Sports' Sports Pages in 2018

This list of the most popular sport pages from my complete list of world sports is very interesting as it is very different from other lists of the world's most popular sports, which generally have football/soccer as the most popular, with basketball, baseball, cricket, volleyball, and tennis also ranked high. Only cricket scraped into this top 20 list.

This list is not just a reflection of how many people are searching for information about each sport (see the google search trends list for that), it is also affected by how many other sports webpages are competing in the search rankings and how high that the Topend Sports pages are ranked for any given search term. The traditional Indian games of Kho Kho and Lagori may have many Indian people searching for those sports and not many other pages online with information about them.

Rank Sport View Rating
1 Kho Kho 103
2 Lagori 96
3 Bandy 84
4 Basque Pelota 77
5 Mob Football 74
6 Sepak Takraw 71
7 Kabaddi 54
8 Arnis 46
9 Pesapallo 45
10 Newcomb Ball 42
11 Futsal 41
12 Pato 35
13 Throwball 35
14 Badminton 34
15 Equestrian 33
16 Gilli Danda 32
17 Xare 30
18 Pencak Silat 29
19 Jukskei 28
20 Cricket 27
ParkourParkour is a new 'sport' gaining in popularity

Most Popular 'Topend Sports' Sports Pages in 2010

The number of pages in each sports section varies, so only the traffic to the index page for each sport is shown. Most of the major sports of the world are represented, but not all. The data provided is from the full 2010 year.

The sport with the most visited index page is the adventure sports, possibly reflecting the increased popularity of extreme and adventure sports around the world, particularly with this website demographic of young sporting visitors. Tenpin bowling pages are high on the list as those pages have been on the site the longest and have always been popular. The true world's most popular sport soccer is next, though some sports which rank high on other lists of the worlds most popular sports are not all ranked high on this list.

Table of Unique Page Views of the Sports Sections, 2010

Rank Sport Page Views
1 Adventure Sports 9588
2 Tenpin Bowling 7115
3 Soccer 6497
4 Badminton 5946
5 Basketball 5560
6 Swimming 5245
7 AFL 4522
8 Athletics 3937
9 Cricket 3727
10 Volleyball 3580
11 Netball 3508
12 Rogaining 2877
13 American Football 2875
14 Tennis 2751
15 Archery 2654
16 Equestrian 2500
17 Lawn Bowls 2376
18 Orienteering 2281
19 Cycling 2278
20 Gymnastics 2240
21 Golf 2091
22 Handball 1892
23 Disc Sports 1825
24 Baseball 1812
25 Martial Arts 1810
26 Field Hockey 1768
27 Boxing 1730
28 Fencing 1701
29 Rugby League 1614
30 Ice Hockey 1462
31 Rugby Union 1386
32 Weightlifting 1359
33 Motorsports 1315
34 Shooting 1310
35 Water polo 1273
36 Wrestling 1273
37 Canoeing 1141
38 Softball 1117
39 Rowing 1105
40 Horse Racing 1098
41 Sailing 1092
42 Triathlon 1024
43 Diving 930
44 Surfing 853
45 Table Tennis 847

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