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Most Popular Google Sports Trends in 2020

In the quest to find the world's most popular sports, I have used the power of Google to find the most commonly searched sport names, using Google Trends. Website traffic was similarly used to find the most viewed sports pages on Wikipedia. For Google Trends, the figures are all relative, with each sport term ranked relative to the most popular (in this case football). Football was also the most popular in a similar analysis of the period 2004-2010.

Top-10 Most Searched Sports (2016-2020)

It is no surprise that football is ranked highest here (as it is on most sport popularity lists). This is despite us only analyzing the search for the word football. It sport is also known by other names around the world

rank Sport 2016-2020 relative search value
1 Football 39.3
2 Cricket 7.9
3 Basketball 7.8
4 American Football 7.0
5 Golf 5.5
6 Baseball 5.4
7 Tennis 4.6
8 Swimming 3.7
9 Boxing 3.3
10 Volleyball 2.6


This analysis was done in 2020, encompassing the four years from Jan 2016 until Jan 2020. By using a four-year period, we have accounted for seasonal periods as well as the major events on a four year cycle such as the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup.

Results were only found for sports that were entered, I am confident that I have analyzed all of the most popular sports that would have the possibility of being in the top 10. Only English words were analyzed, so the data is biased to those with Internet access in the English speaking world, and those using Google to search Online.

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