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Jukskei is a folk sport that was developed over 270 years ago in South Africa. The game is believed to be a predecessor to the American game of horseshoes.

The objective of Jukskei is to knock down the target peg by throwing the pins at them. The sport is played in a field that has two sand pits separated by a patch of grass in the middle. The equipment required for playing the game are, wooden pins; known as skeis and a target wooden peg.

A game of Jukskei is played between two four-player teams. The target peg is placed in one of the sand pits and the players have to strike it from the end of the other pit. The target is placed between a distance of 11 to 16m, depending on gender and age group playing the game.

Each player gets to throw two skeis during their turn. A team scores three points every time the peg gets knocked down. Knocked down pins are set upright before the next throw. If both teams do not knock down the peg during their turns, the team that has a skei closest to the peg gets one point for each skei closer to the peg than the closest skei of the other team.

The team to first score exactly 23 points wins the game. If the score exceeds 23, the score will be reset to zero, and the game continues.

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