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Mob Football

Mob football is a type of Medieval Football, originally played during ancient times, and is believed to be the ancestor for all codes of modern football.

The sport, in medieval times, was contested between two neighboring towns, with as many participants as can be on each side. The objective of the sport was simple, to carry an inflated pigskin ball to the end of the opponent's town. As odd as it may sound, the only rule for the sport was that murder and manslaughter are strictly prohibited. Besides that, any means possible can be used to move the ball towards the destination.

A mob football match that still played today is Royal Shrovetide Football, played in the streets of Ashbourne, Derbyshire UK. The match, which is conducted annually, runs for two straight days - Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. Play starts at 2pm and ends at 10pm on each day.

Besides the rule that prohibits murder and manslaughter, other rules enforced are: use of motor vehicles are prohibited, the ball cannot be hidden while it is being carried, and the course cannot lead through cemeteries or town memorial gardens. Unlike traditional matches, both teams try to move the ball towards their own goal. A goal is scored by tapping the ball three times on the team's own designated goal area.

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