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Rohde's List of the Greatest Ever Cricket Batsmen

In 2011, a list of the top Test batsmen who ever lived was compiled by Griffith University's Dr Nicholas Rohde. The ranking system was first published in the December 2011 edition of "Economic Papers", with data only up until 2010 considered. In this article he listed the 40 highest performing batsmen with Sir Donald Bradman first and Tendulkar closely behind. Rohde's ratings are based on economic theory to compare batsmen from different eras.

The rankings were created according to a player’s career aggregate runs, minus the total number of runs that an average player of that era would accumulate over the same number of innings. In the abstract to this article, Rohde gives this explanation of the method used: "By applying the concepts of opportunity cost and supernormal profit to batting performance we are able to produce a cardinal ranking system that uses non-arbitrary weightings to rank players." Clear?

Also in December 2011, Rohde recalculated the rankings based on current test scores, and on top of his list this time was the Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar, above Don Bradman. At the time of his rankings being published, Tendulkar was nearing the end of his career with a world-record 15,183 runs from 184 Tests at an average of 56.02. Bradman, on the other hand, played 52 Tests from 1928 to 1948, scoring 6996 runs at an average of 99.94.

Rohde also rated women cricketers, and on top was England’s Rachael Heyhoe-Flint above Australia’s Betty Wilson.

10 Top Test Batsmen Who Ever Lived (as of Dec 17, 2011)

Rank Batsman Country
1 Sachin Tendulkar India
2 Donald Bradman Australia
3 Jacques Kallis South Africa
4 Rahul Dravid India
5 Brian Lara West Indies
6 Garfield Sobers West Indies
7 Allan Border Australia
8 Sunil Gavaskar India
9 Steve Waugh Australia
10 Javed Miandad Pakistan


This list is part of the discussion of greatest players from the sport of cricket, which will then be voted on and the winner placed on the shortlist of the all time greatest athlete ever (all sports).

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