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Top-10 Fittest Male Athletes in the World (HFR, 2017)

According to Health Fitness Revolution (HFR), the fittest male athlete of 2017 was Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps. Phelps was second on a similar list HFR made in 2015. The HFR staff narrowed down a list of hundreds of athletes to their top 10, using analyses of the demands, strengths and weaknesses of each sport, as well as the personal health and fitness habits of the athletes and their involvement in promoting health and fitness in their communities.

Sports Illustrated Magazine made a similar fittest athlete list in 2017, in which they have footballer Cristiano Ronaldo at the top (he is 3rd on this list).

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The Top-10 Fittest Men

  1. Michael Phelps (Swimming)
  2. Usain Bolt (Track and Field, Sprints)
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Football / Soccer)
  4. Andy Murray (Tennis)
  5. Zlatan Ibrahimović (Football / Soccer)
  6. Novak Djokovic (Tennis)
  7. LeBron James (Basketball)
  8. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (Boxing)
  9. Conor McGregor (MMA) – REMOVED*
  10. Wladimir Klitshko (Boxing)


* Since the list was first made, MMA athlete Conor McGregor has been removed due to unprofessional behavior and by setting a bad example to his young fans.

Source: (published June 10, 2018)

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