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Highest Paid Women Athletes in 1999

Here are some of the top paid women athletes for 1999, taken from Forbes Magazine's annual Celebrity 100 list (2000 list). Forbes also publish a list of the 1999 Best Paid Athletes which is comprised mostly of male athletes.

The highest paid sportswoman for this year was Swiss tennis player Martina Hingis with earnings of 12 million dollars, well less than the highest paid male athlete for the same time period Michael Schumacher who had combined earnings of 49 million. This is not an official list of top paid sportswomen - there may be other women who make as much as these but did not have the popularity to make the Celebrity list. See more lists of the World's Highest Paid Women Athletes.

  Name Country Sport earnings (US$ million) previous year
1 Martina Hingis Switzerland Tennis 12 1
2 Anna Kournikova Russian Tennis 11  
3 Monica Seles USA Tennis 7.5  
4 Serena Williams USA Tennis 6  
5 Venus Williams USA Tennis 5  



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