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The land of smiles is a great country to play sports. The Thai people have a special place in their heart for sports. Sports are such an integral part of the Thai culture that it goes way back in their history.

kick boxing is very popular in ThailandMuay Thai kick-boxing is very popular in Thailand

Thailand is most well known to their contribution to the martial arts through their national sport, Muay Thai. This form of kick boxing is different from most kick boxing styles because it uses eight points of contact compared to the traditional four and two for western boxing. It is recognized around the world as one of the deadliest forms of martial arts and indeed also one of the most exciting to watch.

When it comes to more contemporary forms of sports, golf is taking quite a foothold in Thailand. It started its popularity in the 1990’s and has become the most popular sport in the country. This is why you will not have a hard time looking for a great course to get your swing back in Thailand. The great weather in the country also doesn’t hurt. Because Thailand has such a varied geography, there is also quite a wide range of sports that one can enjoy in there from mountain biking to water sports.

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