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Cuba has a long history associated with the United States and this also influenced the sports scene in the country. Unlike most Spanish-speaking countries who often favor football or soccer, Cuban sports fans lean towards North American influenced sports which means they share the United States' love for its national pastime, baseball. This does not mean that they do not like football though. As a matter of fact, Cubans also love playing basketball, cricket, volleyball and even athletics. They are also a powerhouse in amateur boxing bringing home a lot of medals in various international competitions.

Cuba first sent athletes to the Summer Olympic Games since 1900 but never participated in the Winter Games. They have won a total of 208 medals (72 gold, 67 silver and 69 bronze) with their biggest numbers in the 1992 Barcelona Games where they took home 31 medals, 14 of which are gold medals. Their best event is boxing giving them a total of 67 Olympic medals (34 gold, 19 silver and 14 bronze) with athletics a distant second at 39 medals (10 gold, 14 silver and 15 bronze).

Cuba is the most successful country that has participated in the Summer Olympics but never joined the Winter Games. They are also the fifth highest number of medals among the countries who have never hosted the Games.

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