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Baseball World Cup Winners

Cuba clearly won the most Baseball World Cup titles with 25. In 2011, there was no bronze medal game due to inclement weather causing many games to be rescheduled, as well as canceling the bronze medal game to make time for the final. See also the winners of the Baseball World Classic from 2006.

The win by the Netherlands in 2011 was the first win by a European nation since the inaugural event in 1938.

Year Winner Runners-up 3rd place
2011 The Netherlands Cuba Canada and the USA
2009 USA Cuba Canada
2007 USA Cuba Japan
2005 Cuba South Korea Panama
2003 Cuba Panama Japan
2001 Cuba USA Chinese Taipei
1998 Cuba South Korea Nicaragua
1994 Cuba South Korea Japan
1990 Cuba Nicaragua South Korea
1988 Cuba USA Chinese Taipei
1986 Cuba South Korea Chinese Taipei
1984 Cuba Chinese Taipei USA
1982 South Korea Japan USA
1980 Cuba South Korea Japan
1978 Cuba USA South Korea
1976 Cuba Puerto Rico Japan
1974 USA Nicaragua Colombia
1973 Cuba Puerto Rico Venezuela
1973 USA Nicaragua Puerto Rico
1972 Cuba USA Nicaragua
1971 Cuba Colombia Nicaragua
1970 Cuba USA Puerto Rico
1969 Cuba USA Dominican Republic
1965 Colombia Mexico Puerto Rico
1961 Cuba Mexico Venezuela
1953 Cuba Venezuela Nicaragua
1952 Cuba Dominican Republic Puerto Rico
1951 Puerto Rico Venezuela Cuba
1950 Cuba Dominican Republic Venezuela
1948 Dominican Republic Puerto Rico Colombia
1947 Colombia Puerto Rico Nicaragua
1945 Venezuela Colombia Panama
1944 Venezuela Mexico Cuba
1943 Cuba Mexico Dominican Republic
1942 Cuba Dominican Republic Venezuela
1941 Venezuela Cuba Mexico
1940 Cuba Nicaragua USA
1939 Cuba Nicaragua USA
1938 Great Britain USA -

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